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2008 eNews v3n1to 4 highlights
Pics online for SRD Change 08 Debut pics :: 2nd show pics ::

... Plans are underway for the next SRD Change show with a review of graduate works promoting the latest and best in Responsible Design from across NSW best Universities. Participate in the SRD Change process directly by emailing us for a list of Exhibitions for you to review and report or email SRD convenor : gppg @ iinet.net.au with particulars of exhibits or projects you think may be suitable
The EARTH AWARDS 2008 :: The 2008-9 finalists are online. Inspiration to start incubating your own ideas. A diverse global community of iconoclastic innovators, thinkers, inventors and entrepreneurs who can clearly see the extraordinary creative opportunity that our global crisis presents. The Earth Awards advocates, facilitates and brings to market the innovations that will transform the social, cultural, economic, and ecological quality of life. Go for the top shelf and see yourself at the finalist awards in : New York city, USA
the earth awards org  pic
SRD is now also the NSW Chapter of the O2 Global Network for Sustainable Design
:: O2 NSW SRD :: O2 Australia is our national O2 Hub ::

Now we have more substantial International links, friends and resources with O2. With very similar goals + history, we'ill continue to expand our working relationship promoting sustainability by design. Together we provide news, events and web resources plus O2 in particular has a mailing list that continues to assist designers all around the globe to achieve greater levels of sustainable practice. ... and there's no cost to subscribe and join the O2 mailing list it's FREE: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/o2mailinglist/ ... ps. SRD still wants you to maintain your annual modest membership fees to us so we may all continue to prosper together.
:: A new partnership for SRD at a very special time ::
O2 turns 20 pic
Springboard. A design mentoring 12 month initiative. Some recent SRD members featured in Stage two. Enabling 17 of Australia's most promising furniture, textiles, accessories and homewares designers to develop their professional careers in local and international markets. Two stages of training via workshops and mentorship covering sustainable best practice, financial management, contractual law, media relations, IP, manufacturing process, retail + export strategy assisted by Eco Pro's. www.australiandesignunit.com/springboard Info springboard@australiandesignunit.com Australia
... Stage Two continues to mid 2009
Project Springboard pic
o2 Australia+ friends did it! WORLD'S BIGGEST GREEN DRINKS : Feb 15, 08
New York achieved 900 people to their event so we set a new benchmark gathering over 1700 people working in the sustainability field and / or actively working towards sustainable living. We all enjoyed an organic drink and the occasion at the BMW Edge Theatre. Several also enjoying the event after a day at the Sustainable Living Festival. Good music by Dr Detroit set off the special night. We now extend the challenge to better this fine effort to the rest of the world. A great effort by several green groups. Event, Pics: Melbourne, Australia
World's biggest Green drinks crowd pic
SRD Change 08 very successful completion, over 5,000 visitors ::
TWO venues : Debut 23-28 Sept andour major showing 7-8 Nov at GreenTech. SRD Change 08 was another talented another group of graduates showing their projects and gaining extra exposure with a real opportunity to promote the value of solutions via design. With our name adjustment we can now say "the only constant is ... Change." With a solid heritage of 5yrs support and hosting from the SRD, our challenge is to make each years even better and more relevant to the confronting issues of today :: www./08 :: www.changex.org : A few PHOTOS for our 2nd Major showing, Darling Harbour Convention Centre Fri 7th + Sat 8th Nov '08 for GreenTECH, Sydney, Australia
SRD ChangeX 08 logo pic
The Masters of Design Futures program offered by Queensland College of Art Griffith University , is a major innovation in postgraduate design education. This is so in terms of content, presentation and availability. It has been created because "design, in all its forms, has never confronted challenges of the scale of those now emerging" and "the stakes have never been higher, but neither have the opportunities"... by Dr Tony Fry (Adjunct Prof) Program begins : July 2008 :: www.griffith.edu.au/designfutures/preview QLD, AU
Master of Futures Design pic

GREENPAGES help to launch SRD Change 08 :: Katie Patrick CEO of the Green Pages spoke with great insight and passion at our opening night 23rd September 2008. GREENPAGES is Australia's most informative Eco Magazine and Online Directory. You'll find a wealth of eco articles, businesses, organisations and of course SRD under Design & Art Associations : across Australia
thegreenpages.com.au pic

Completed 2008 Events SUMMARY (full detail and links below)
APR 10-12 : designEX, Sydney Darling Harbour, Australia.
APR 10-13 : RAIA National Architecture Conference 'Critical Visions' Form, Representation and the Culture of Globalisation Sydney Darling Harbour, Australia.
APR 13-16 : Climate for Change :: PIA National Congress : Sydney, Australia
APR 16-21 : Salone Internazionale del Mobile de Milano, ITALY
APR 18-19+ : O2 GLOBAL NETWORK event :: 20th Anniversary + System Reload launch Conference / Party / Exhibition, (thanks to efforts from o2 Au) Milano, Italy
MAY 5-7 : Australian Environmental & Sustainability Conference & Exhibition. Melbourne, Australia
MAY 11 : Pangea Day. Celebration of humanity in film. Internet and Worldwide
MAY 22-23 : Sustainability and Business Growth Summit, Sydney Australia
MAY 30 : Envirodrinks : 5pm onwards PJ Gallaghers pub Parramatta, Western Sydney Australia
JUN 3-5 : Green Manufacturing Expos : Several dates and sites around USA
JUN 18-20 : Sustainability In Printing Conference : All things for greener print. Philadelphia, PA United States
JUN 24-26 : Design and Nature :: Conference on Comparing Design in Nature with Science and Engineering : The Algarve, Portugal
JUL 10-12: Changing the Change :: Design Research Conference. Torino, Italy
JUL 16-24 : State of Design, cross-disciplinary design events. Melbourne, Victoria
JUN 26-27 : Solar Structures and Technology : Gain experience and knowledge of active and passive solar design :: Gudhara, Marulan, NSW, Australia
AUG : 30-31 : Mudbrick and Cob Construction Workshop : Organic building :: Gudhara, Marulan, NSW, Australia
SEP 13-21 : O2 GLOBAL NETWORK event System Reload Conference / Seminars / Exhibition to fight Climate Change by design (thanks to efforts from o2 Au) London, UK
SEP 14 : Sustainable House Day : see the latest in home design to reduce your carbon footprint and energy costs. Venues around Australia
SEP 17-20 : o2 SYSTEM RELOAD "Retooling Ourselves" : London Design Exhibition
SEP 23-28 : SRD Change 08 : Graduate Sustainable Design Exhibition :: Opened 23rd Sept. 6pm : TAP Gallery, 45 Burton cnr Palmers St Darlinghurst, Sydney, Australia
SEP 25th -17 Oct : Stirring Appetites : New Design Responses in Indigenous Communities :: DAB LAB Research Gallery Level 4 courtyard 702 Harris St Ultimo, Sydney, Australia
SEP 26-27 : International conference on Sustainable Innovations at the Base of the Pyramid
OCT 1-2 : Green Media Show Conference :: Boston, Massachusetts USA
OCT 2-3 : Green + Design Conference + Expo :: Atlanta Georgia, USA
OCT 14 : Triple Header, Exhibit, SRD Change 08 Prizegiving and SRD AGM : Stirring Appetites exhibit review , UTS "DAB LAB" Research Gallery Level 4 courtyard 702 Harris St Ultimo, Sydney, Australia
OCT 14 : SRD Change 08 Prizegiving : Often a challenge but even more a success. Around $5,000 in prizes, Level 1 restaurant, Agincourt Hotel,cnr Broadway and Harris St Ultimo.
OCT 14 : SRD AGM : Our year in review and Exec. elections, following Prizegiving above, Level 1 restaurant, Agincourt Hotel,cnr Broadway and Harris St Ultimo, Sydney, Australia
NOV : 7-8 : GREEN TECH 3rd Australian International GreenBuild , Design and Technology Show + SRD Change 08 : Expo + latest Graduates greener designs See below - Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia
Nov 25-28 : Solar Energy Society Conference :: Convention Centre, Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia
DEC : 3 : Sustainability in the Pub talk with Mark Diesendorf and Les Robinson :: Agincourt Hotel Cnr Harris St and Broadway, Sydney, Australia
DEC : 6-7 : Designing with Natural Materials : Traditional and sustainable building materials workshop. :: Marulan, Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia

:: :: Sustainable EVENTS Calendar 2008+ :: :: Detail :: ::

2008 : APR
o2 08 exhibition pic Apr 10-12 : RAIA National conference :: Critical Visions will reflect on the nature of this intense period of extremes; contrasts of excess and indulgence vs. enviro crisis, social inequity & cultural alienation; and a time of great formal innovation, genuine creative insight and technological potential: www.architecture.com.au/criticalvisions/ :: FRINGE : ESD Arch Tour Thu April 10. Tone Wheeler hosts a tour of the best examples of environmentally sustainable buildings in Sydney. * Victoria Park dev. * The Bond Building and * Two projects in Green Square. criticalvisions/fringe-events.html + Emergency Architects International Critical Action Conference : Sydney, Australia
climate for change 08 PIA  pic Apr 13-16 : Climate for Change :: PIA National Congress : Hear global change agents and national leaders talk about innovative solutions to the challenges facing planners including the following themes: *Climate Change - Envrionmental, Economic and Social Implications *Housing Affordability and Managing Growth *Demographic and Intergenerational Shifts *Creating Sustainable Places *Urban Design and Renewal *Urban and Regional Futures - Economic and Political * A Climate For Change - International Perspectives *Generation Gaps and Boomer Pressures *Politics / Economics and Planning www.pia2008.com/program.asp#overview : Sydney, Australia

o2 NSW System Reload graphicMilan 08 exhibition pic Apr 16-21 : Salone Internazionale del Mobile de Milano :: featuring o2 System Reload Exhibition/party/conference : Apr 18+19 Free :: Featuring o2 Global Sustainable Design Network 20th Anniversary Exhibition, Ezio Manzini, Jeremy Faludi, Niels Peter Flint, Martha Kellerhals, Adital Ela, Ernst-Jan van Hattum and many more (thanks Damien Melotte for getting this together) o2 INFO, Event Program :: + other events like DesignWS Milan Preview ,etc : Milano, ITALY

2008 : MAY
Enviro and Sustainability conference   pic May 5-7 : Australia's Environmental & Sustainability Conference & Exhibition ::
Enviro 08 is the premier national conference in Australia dealing with Environmental and Sustainability issues. It is a major initiative of the Australian Water Association and the Waste Management Association of Australia designed specifically by industry for industry..
www.enviroconvention.com.au Melbourne, Australia
pangea day pic May 11 in OZ : Pangea Day : a celebration recognising One people One Planet ::
Originally a TED concept from Jehane Noujaim. An intriguing look into what makes us tick and how we can do it all a whole lot better. If we had a slightly more wordly view and design focus this concept could become a sustainable reality. See the movies and the highlights of the Pangea Day show. Next year it should gain even more momentum. If you visit TED, check this classic piece on Cradle to Cradle from William McDonough. Worldwide
Summit pic May 22-23 : Sustainability and Business Growth Summit :: Examine what is sustainability’s impact on business and the economy and what crucial, emerging issues in sustainability are confronting business. Learn how organisations can boost their bottom line by taking advantage of sustainable and green initiatives. Speakers feature Charlie Hargroves from The Natural Step; Emma Herd, Westpac; Martijn Wilder, Baker & McKenzie; Michael Fitzsimons, Instyle Textiles; Anthony De Francesco, Colonial First State; Stephen Browning, News Limited; Turlough Guerin, Telstra; Peter Netchaef, Sims Group; Hon Greg Hunt MP, Shadow Minister for Climate Change; Adam Crowe, PMP Limited; Janet Leslie, Canon, James Slezak, McKinsey & Co; Brochure PDF : Dockside, Sydney, Australia
Greendrinks pic May 30 : Fri 5pm; other dates all round Oz : Green Drinks ENVIRODRINKS ::
Join fellow Environmental Professionals for a relaxed and social evening for a drink and chat about all that's good and what could be made better with a little more greener thinking and practice. Friday 30th May at PJ Gallaghers Hotel, (cnr Parkes St and Church St, Parramatta) from 5 p.m. The hotel is an easy 5 min walk from Parramatta Station. Please spread the word around. : Western Sydney, + round Australia + the World! www.greendrinks.org

2008 : JUN
Design and Nature  pic Jun 3-5 : Green Manufacturing Expos :: Across USA Sustainable manufacturing: "creating products by means that are non-polluting, conserve energy, natural resources, are economically sound + safe for employees, communities + consumers" is mainstream. Leading US com's are now upgrading their game. H20, Energy, Consulting, Pack, Recyc,.Software New York+ USA
Sustainability In Printing  pic Jun 18-20 : Sustainability In Printing Conference : All things 4 green print. :: Green initiatives are leading the way across the entire supply chain of printing: Publishing houses are raising the bar of what they expect from vendors by setting the standards for paper procurement with magazines, books and newspapers on the path to become carbon neutral. On the supplier side, new developments in green inks, bio-solvents and the changes occurring in the printing methods are some of the responses to new market requirements. More info at:
www.sustainability-in-printing.com/ Philadelphia, PA United States
Design and Nature  pic Jun 24-26 : Design and Nature ::
Fourth International Conference on Comparing Design in Nature with Science and Engineering :: For all interested in the study of natural materials, organisms, processes and their significance for design in the world today. www.wessex.ac.uk/conferences/2008/design08/index.htmll
The Algarve, Portugal

2008 : JUL
o2 NSW Changing the Change pic Jul 10-12 Changing the Change Conference :: seeks to make major contribution to necessary transformation that involves changing the direction of current changes toward a sustainable future. It specifically intends to outline the state-of-the-art of design research in terms of visions, proposals and tools with which design can actively and positively take part in the wider social learning process that will have to take place. A research conference with a strong and ambitious political goal: to focus on the design research potentialities in the transition towards a sustainable knowledge society. www.changingthechange.org Torino, Italy
Enviro and Sustainability conference   pic Jul 16-24 : State of Design, Events in Victoria
The Festival covers many cross-disciplinary design agendas relating to the profession of design & the marketplace. Local and international conversations on design links to the global design conversation & an understanding of the opportunities & successes. stateofdesign.com.au Melbourne, Australia
Design and Nature  picSolar Structures pic Jul 26-27 : Solar Structures and Technology : workshop :: Gain experience and knowledge of active and passive solar design through practical construction of a solar structure. *10 CPE points for architects and designers. $545 : www.gudhara.org.au : 02 4841 1632 :: Gudhara Holistic Sanctuary, Marulan, Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia

2008 : AUG
earth Construction  pic Aug 30-31 : Mudbrick and Cob : Earth Construction Workshop :: Make mudbricks and create an organic building with cob during this hands-on workshop. One night twin share accommodation. *10 CPE points for architects and designers. $545 (earlybird $495) 02 4841 1632. www.gudhara.org.au :: Gudhara Holistic Sanctuary, Marulan, Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia

2008 : SEP
Sustainable House Day pic Sep 14 : Sustainable House Day :: Featuring sustainable design and encouraging the wider adoption of sustainable design features in existing and new homes. Previously "Solar House Day", the name changed to better reflect the broad range of sustainable features in the participating houses particularly in relation to the focus on the sustainable use of water. See how simple, easy and cost effective sustainable living can be. Visit some of the hundred venues. Find out how to make your house cheaper to run, more comfortable to live in and better for the environment. Brand new houses or retrofitted! Entry $5 per house visited :: www.solarhouseday.com/index01.shtml : Many Houses all round Australia
system reload logoo2 NSW SRD interim logo Retooling Ourselves : Collaborative Design Action : O2 Global Network Series of workshops and events intended to spark eco-creativity and provoke the passion that exists within the international eco-design community towards real and meaningful action. How can we learn to collaborate as insightful individuals to seek regenerative solutions for our lives and our communities Sept 17-20 : www.o2.org ... www.o2australia.org See below for local o2 NSW SRD event to follow in Sydney, Australia :: System Reload : London, UK
SRD Change 08 logo pic Sep 23-28 : SRD Change 08 show in full gallery format :: Opening 23rd September 6pm
Our own venure and dates 23-28 September 2008 SRD Change 08 features another talented group of graduates to show their projects, gain extra exposure and a real opportunity to promote the value of solutions via design. With a name adjustment we can now say "the only constant is ... Change. With a solid heritage of 5yrs support and hosting from the SRD, our challenge is to make each years even better and more relevant to the confronting issues of today. Design led change : www. : changex.org : tapgallery.org.au : Free 12-6pm daily TAP Gallery, 45 Burton St. Darlinghurst, Sydney, Australia
Stirring Appetites pic Stirring Appetites : New Design Responses in Indigenous Communities :: 25th Sept-17 Oct Through photographs and data, German designer Christian Tietz highlights how Australian designers, can respond to reducing the 17-year gap between the average Australian and Indigenous Australian's life expectancy by producing products that fulfil the needs of specific cultural groups. "To improve a person's nutrition and health, strategies for healthy eating are not only required, but also the 'hardware' to cook and prepare food," says Tietz. Stirring Appetites brings to light Tietz's design observations towards the social concern, that a product must respond to the user's needs, not the reverse. : DAB LAB Research Gallery Level 4 courtyard 702 Harris St Ultimo, Sydney, Australia
Sustainable Innovations at the Pyramid Base pic Sep 26-27 : International conference on Sustainable Innovations at the Pyramid Base
Held at the Helsinki School of Economics, the conference will address technological, social, and business innovations in the context of social and ecological sustainability. Targeted to academics, businesses and entrepreneurs, policy makers and NGOs : Helsinki, Finland

2008 : OCT
GREEN MEDIA Show graphic Oct 1-2 : GREEN MEDIA Show conference :: Making sustainability work for business leaders and all stakeholders along the communication value chain. Delve into communication supply chain analysis and triple bottom line management, risk and cost reduction, environmental restoration and explore how to protect brand equity, create trust and grow shareholder value by aligning communication supply chain practices with sustainability principles. Green Media Show :: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
green and design expo graphic Oct 2-3 : GREEN + DESIGN Expo + conference :: The inaugural Green + Design Conference and Expo. Educational and trade event focusing on integrating the principles of sustainability into project designs. Sustainable practices and innovations for interior design, retail design, kitchen & bath design, hospitality design, multi-dwelling design, and more. :: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
exhibition + Change Prizes + SRD AGM

Oct 14 : Triple Event : Exhibit review + SRD Change 08 Prize Giving + SRD AGM :: 6.30pm Stirring Appetites exhibition with Christian Tietz DAB LAB Level 4 courtyard 702 Harris St :: then on to Level 1 restaurant in Agincourt Hotel cnr Broadway + Harris St for 7.15pm SRD Change Prize award to all involved :: Followed by 8pm SRD AGM year reviewed + elect SRD exec. at Agincourt Hotel :: Ultimo, Sydney, Australia

2008 : NOV
Green Tech pic Nov 7-8 : GreenTech show :: features the FULL SRD Change 08 exhibition + more design + innovation :: 3rd Australian International GreenBuild , Design and Technology Show. Presenting the latest in greener design, building, lifestyle and ideas : An excellent talk series to rival last year includes the SRD Change 08 + Sydney Uni with "White Bay Eco-City 2050" as one of the presentations + many more speakers + seminars, all Free. WEB: full info online : www.greentechshow.com.au Latest News: http://editpostie.e2ma.net/campaign Venue: Convention Centre, Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia
Limited Time FREE Ticket offer : www.greentechshow.com.au/free_ticket_offer.php
Green Tech pic Nov 25-28 : ANZES :: 3rd International Solar Energy Society Conference :: The latest Technology, Speakers, Information and Products. Helping to put Oz back on the Solar map. Venue: Convention Centre, Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia

2008 : DEC
Sustainability in the Pub montage pic Dec 3 : the First Sustainability in the Pub talk with Mark Diesendorf and Les Robinson :: Carbon Pollution ... We can make a difference! Inaugural, SEEN.org event. Imagine a world without carbon pollution! How do we get there? Mark Diesendorf and Les Robinson say they have the Answers. Mark's expertise covers sustainability in development, energy, transport and Eco-cities. Les has a focus on strategies to enable change. Read the flyer for more information. Even better, it's FREE. 6.30pm :: Agincourt Hotel Cnr Harris St and Broadway, Sydney, Australia
Gudhara Holistic Sanctuary montage picGudhara Holistic Sanctuary pic Dec 6-7 : Designing with Natural Materials : workshop :: Gain practical skills in the design & construction using traditional and sustainable building materials in this hands on workshop. : www.gudhara.org.au : 02 4841 1632 :: Gudhara Holistic Sanctuary, Marulan, Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia

:: :: :: Sustainable Events Calendar 2002-07 :: :: ::
2007 SRD + related Events SUMMARY (full detail and links below)
MAR : 14 :: CHANGEX07 Graduate Project Workshop Developing graduate project sustainable design ideas. USYD - Sydney, Australia
JUN: 1-3 :: SRD CHANGEX07 Graduate greener design ideas + events. : Exhibition is on at GREX! See our Website - Sydney, Australia
JUN: 1-3 ::
GREX : International Greenbuild & Eco Show Exhibition & Conference (now with added SRD ChangeX07 !!) , ATP, Eveleigh, Sydney, Australia.
JUL: 10 :: SRD CHANGEX07 Graduate greener design PRIZE GIVING + wrap-up! See our Website - Sydney, Australia
JUL: 12 ::GREEN DRINKS MELBOURNE and LAUNCH OF o2 VICTORIA special event : MAP + FLYER : Thursday 6pm, Melbourne, Australia
SEP: 15 :: Rachael Cassar, SRD ChangeX07 graduate exhibitor Wins Award in Italy: High fashion starts re-defining its direction to include sustainability. Story below. - Gorizia, Italy
SEP: 22 :: SRD CHANGEX07 at Sustainability Expo: Graduates greener designs makes an encore appearance! See our www.edengardens.com.au - Sydney, Australia
SEP: 28 :: REAP guide v 1.5: Online launch of our upgraded paper listings with eco and carbon footprint allowance to help make your print job greener - Sydney, Australia
OCT : 14 :: SRD CHANGEX07 Final encore appearance to be at Sustainability Lane : Graduates greener designs See below - Sydney, Australia
NOV 22 :: Talk : ReThink Materials ... intro to responsible design : Architecture : Industrial + Graphic Design : DIA talk . 6.30pm - UTS , Sydney, Australia
NOV 22 :: SRD AGM : Our '07 achievements and goals. 8.30pm - after UTS talk, Agincourt Hotel, ** AGM Convenors report online SRD_convenor_report07.html Sydney, Australia

environdesign pic 1-3 June :: SRD CHANGEX 2007 graduate sustainable design exhibition + events in FULL at GREX
4th annual exhibition of design works addressing issues of sustainability, environmental responsibility, social equity & community. An exhibition of interest to all designers, professionals, and community members alike. Works showcased have been drawn from a wide range of design fields. Graduates from the University of Sydney, UTS, UNSW, COFA & UWS. Diverse projects approaching design as a tool for satisfying genuine human needs in ways that are practical and imaginative, challenging the conventional expectations of the design industry and extending the boundaries of their discipline., Sydney Australia : www.changex.org
Print for Environment pic
SRD CHANGEX 07 in full, a great event on many counts.
1-3 June :: G.REX International Greenbuild & Eco Show Exhibition & Conference 2007 Australia Green Build aligns with Renewable Energy Industry to bring you GREX 07. Sydney, Leading brands showcase and demonstrate environmental and socially responsible products, sustainable design, eco innovations and new technologies. Features: SRD CHANGEX07 new design inspiring change : GREX Green Living Zone Greener products for the office, home and garden. GREX 07 Innovation Awards : GREX 07 Energy Smart Award : GREX 07 Water Smart Award : GREX 07 Waste Smart Award : GREX 07 House of the Future Competition. Students vs Architects G Film - Australian World Environment Day Short Film Festival Speakers www.grex.com.au/conferencespeakers.shtml Fri 1 June - Sun 3 June, 2007 10am - 5pm Trade and Consumer Exhibition: Venue: Australian Technology Park, Sydney AUSTRALIA www.grex.com.au : Next years will be Green Tech 08 : www.greentechshow.com.au
Eden Gardens Sustainability Expo graphicenvirondesign pic Sat 22 Sept 07: SUSTAINABILITY EXPO Eden Gardens, Exhibits. 10am-4pm
SRD CHANGEX07 at the Sustainability Expo : Graduates greener designs makes an encore appearance!
See: www.edengardens.com.au - Lane Cove Rd North Ryde, Sydney, Australia
environdesign picSustainability Lane pic Sun 14 Oct 07: SUSTAINABILITY LANE Lane Cove 10am-4pm By popular demand, SRD CHANGEX07 at the Sustainability Lane: Part of Think Global Act Local effort, Graduates greener designs FINAL encore showing! See: www.lanecove.nsw.gov.au/Our Environment - Venue: Lane Cove Villiage Fair, Burns Bay Rd, Lane Cove, MAP : Sydney, Australia
green pages pic Nov 9: Eco Runway + GREENPAGES Magazine + Eco Directory Launch :: The launch of GreenPages Magazine & Eco Directory 2008 with a colorful Show featuring Australian and international fashion designers. MC: Lee Lin Chin - SBS News Presenter : Friday 9 Nov. at 6pm Simmer on the Bay 13 Hickson Road, Walsh Bay, Dawes Point. See an SRD members work on the runway!www.greenpagesaustralia.com.au : Sydney, Australia
rethink materials talk pic
srd AGM text pic
... ** AGM Convenors report now online SRD_convenor_report07.html
Nov 22: ReThink Materials talk: Architect, Industrial and Graphic Design :: Graham Ormsby, Ormsby Kerrins Freeman - Architect : Dr. Abby Mellick Lopes, Lecturer UWS - Industrial Design : Greg Campbell, DesignOz - Graphic Designer : How designers ReThink materials when considering the lifelong impact of the buildings, products and processes they use and create. Thu 22 Nov 07, 7pm : Rm 06.03.22, L3, UTS, 702 Harris St, Ultimo DIA+ STUDENT MEMBERS FREE Non Students $15 poster : Sydney Australia ... immediately after ... **SRD AGM after 8.30pm @ Cellar Bar Agincourt Hotel cnr Harris+George St

SRD eNews Items : vol.2 no.12+ : "Archive Files"
Re-fashionTrio graphic Re-fashion graphic

Australian "Green" Design Wins Italian Fashion Award from International Field of 600 : 15 Sept Gorizia, Italy :: Rachael Cassar collects 10,000 Euro as winner of the 15th Mittelmoda International Award for Emerging Talent. Rachel's work is all black: highly theatrical, very textured and layered with elegance and sex appeal. High-end fashion as one-off pieces with around 90% recycled materials and the results are quite stunning.
In 2006 Rachael Cassar graduated University of Technology Sydney (UTS) B.Des Fashion & Textiles. In launching her career, Rachael's winning collection was first selected by Society for Responsible Design ChangeX07 exhibition in June at Australian Technology Park, Sydney. Her designs display a fusion of style and greener ideas has now been confirmed as a new fashion direction all created around the concept of sustainability. See: www.mittelmoda.com and SRD ChangeX07 web catalogue www.srd.org.au/changex/media/cx7_7sep7catalogue5.pdf on pages 16, 17 plus photo gallery. green.net.au/srd/changex/gallery.php
Commenting on the award, Greg Campbell, manager of SRD ChangeX07: "The response to Rachel's work at our exhibition was terrific. It received great media attention and comment from those attending. We're glad we were able to assist promotion of her ideas in this way and delighted that she has received this much deserved acknowledgment of her talent in Italy. With several of our exhibitors now achieving awards and much interest SRD ChangeX is certainly showing to be a good greener ideas incubator." Call Greg : o2 9979 7789 : or email rachael@rachaelcassar.com www.rachaelcassar.com :: PR by Geissler Communications : Marie Geissler T: 02 9380 5510

design philosophy graphic Our own REAP paper guide version 1.5 now even Greener! - Some months in researching this update and launched online 28 Sept 07. A greater selection of papers, now all listed in order of environmental and carbon footprint preference. Check your next job is being printed on an environmentally preferred paper and encourage more efficient use of all our precious natural resources. Find just how up to date your printer is : Another SRD initiative that again is well ahead of the rest. See http://www.srd.org.au/reap.htm
design philosophy graphic Design Philosophy Politics - Launched
Design Philosophy Politics seeks to expose the enormous power of design: how it shapes what we desire and how we live; how it drives demands for resources and energy and with what consequences. The articles published show that design is deeply implicated in the unsustainability of contemporary life. Yet it is only by design that things can become otherwise ... See http://designphilosophypolitics.com
eNews v2n12 Editorial brief
Architecture, Industrial, Graphic and indeed ALL streams of design create major components in our existence and built environment. However bold and beautiful, new and functional, their existence has found even greater purpose: to illustrate best practice. That of course is best current environmental practice as, increasingly, other forms or inconsiderate practice will become and be seen to become more than irrelevant but actually downright dangerous.
A DIA talk this November in Sydney will highlight these issues and more, focusing on materials but also looking at the bigger picture. We need to make significant changes in our total existence as a society to ensure we experience a longer term future that we can be proud of. No matter how much image, glitz and glamour may be strewn about, it's now quite clear that you are either creating more problems by inaction or inappropriate action or you're becoming a part of the solution. Welcome to all those in the latter group and encourage all those not yet really participating to come aboard. .ReThink Materials ... detail below

Education is also integral to enabling change as is your support. To enable promotion of the creative product and design thinking process from the peak of our education system ...
SRD ChangeX 08 sponsorships open. Looking toward our fifth successful year featuring graduate projects from across Sydney's Universities that feature Responsible Design and ideas to inspire and challenge inappropriate convention. Just like our environment, we need your financial support more than ever for 2008! Your input level is fully negotiable. As starting guide, see benefits on page 2 of our 2007 Sponsor packs in pdf available online at : Changex 07 Sponsor_packs_18mar7.pdf

SRD eNews Items : vol.2 no.11+ : "Archive Files"
GREEN DRINKS : Every month or so people who work in the environmental arena meet up for a beer at informal sessions known as ENVIRO DRINKS. A lively mixture of people from NGOs, academia, government, business mixed with a younger crowd too. Come along, introduce yourself and you'll be made welcome. It's a great way of catching up with people you may know and also for making new contacts. Everyone invites someone else along, so there's always a different crowd, making Green Drinks an organic, self-organising network. www.greendrinks.org/ : and click on your area
Design Hub ARTICLE :: Designer guilt: why sustainable design matters by Margie Borschke 8 Apr 07 :: Several perspectives on why fashionable design may just be more than irrelevant. See www.dhub.org/articles/925
Eco Report graphic  Eco Report on Sky News : Weekly. A Half hour focusing on the latest news and analysis of the big issue facing our world - the environment. Explore the challenges, potential solutions and how you can help as well. Started March 2007. Saturday at 8.30am and 8.30pm, Sunday at 9.30pm, Monday at 1.30pm email: ecoreport@skynews.com.au www.skynews.com.au/eco
The o2 global eco design network will launch System Reload, an interdisciplinary eco design and development initiative. Bringing eco design, sustainability and regeneration to the global mainstream the initiative consists of International Design Fairs, Competitions and Exhibitions. See SYSTEM RELOAD
design philosophy graphic Design Philosophy Papers Collection Three released. Explore design philosophically with discussion on the importance of design in everyday life, exploring its relation to ethics, disability, homelessness, sustainability, social & historical change. The authors range across design research, design theory, urban & architectural design, engineering design, development studies & continental philosophy. www.desphilosophy.com/dpp/home.html complemented by design philosophy politics : designphilosophypolitics.informatics.indiana.edu
Design Philosophy Papers : Current. Always substantive reading. (Two papers, relate to a SRD ChangeX theme), One paper discusses ethics & design education, asking how designers, when knowing the right thing to do for the good of all, might productively intervene to turn design opportunities into change. Another reviews the role of education in the ethical engagement of practitioners. The third asks the question "How may Interaction Design contribute to sustainment noting many points including that 'software and hardware are presently intimately connected to a cycle of mutual obsolescence'", completing with five principles of sustainability.
Design Philosophy Papers propose to metamorphose. see : www.desphilosophy.com/dpp/dpp_journal/journal.html

____________ .
World Climate Change News and reference :: 1/ United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change unfccc.int/2860.php :: 2/ Central source for substantive work and information resources regarding climate change. climatechange.unep.net/ :: 3/ The Physical Science Basis of Climate Change in Working Group 1 report www.ipcc.ch/ :: 4/ USA National Day of Climate Action April 14th, 2007
:: 5/ The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change is the central multilateral framework for addressing all aspects of climate change. Action on sustainable development, climate change also formed part of the thematic cluster-with energy, industrial development, and air pollution/atmosphere - soon to be reviewed by the Commission on Sustainable Development at its fifteenth session 30 April - 11 May 2007. www.un.org/esa/sustdev/sdissues/climate_change/climate_change.htm
National Design Centre Wins bid for World Design Report : Launch of historic world-wide design sector research project for Australia and New Zealand ::A new dedicated design research centre to be established by the National Design Centre and its partners will map the regional design sector and update, expand and unify socio-economic data, addressing the industry's major disciplines, business and industry, education and training sectors, and all levels of government. Importantly, the centre will provide ongoing collection, analysis and review of data and a comprehensive dissemination program. Full story: www.nationaldesigncentre.com/index.php?c=251 :
Great Green Reference for Interior Design :: 1/ Metropolis feature articles on Redesigning the Design Competition and Organic Barn Raising Slow Food Restaurant and LEED Platinum Rated Showroom and Object Lesson in Sustainable Design and The Green Urban Office :: 2/ Online sustainability and green design resources www.asid.org/resource/Sustainable+Design+Information+Center.htm :: 3/ Inhabitat Green Design 2006 Highlights It's been a pivotal year with the success of Al Gore's 'An Inconvenient Truth', and books like Worldchanging and Design Like You Give A Damn, 2006 seemed to be the year that environmental design went mainstream. In our opinion, here were the most pivotal moments for green design in 2006: inhabitat.com/2006/12/31/top-10-green-design-of-2006/
The Governator's green agenda or "Big Arnie gets tough on the bad 'non-green' guys" money.cnn.com/magazines/ see also several articles Going Green money.cnn.com/magazines/fortune/goinggreen/2007/index.html
italy montage 3  Defining Design for a Changing Planet 2006 Washington Uni, Seattle, USA :: A pilgrimage from Oz but an opportunity to meet a committed bunch from AIGA (see XCD report) and ICOGRADA on a range of issues to achieve better design practice. Darrel Rhea, CEO Cheskin said , "In the last decade Design has moved from the periphery to the centre, now a welcome colleague in many boardrooms ... Using design research to create immersive and personal experiences for world-wise consumers ... Design has become the innovation source for business." Notable attendees l to r (pics by DesignOz); Christopher Liechty (USA); Mervyn Kurlansky (Denmark); Sara Little Turnbull (USA); Linda Fu (Australia) and Henry Steiner (HK) : See : www.Speakers :: more PICS : XCD home Memorable conference comment : "Practice Safe Design : Always use a Concept"
italy montage 3  Melbourne Sustainable Living Festival 2007 Sustainability How do you do it? :: 2006 report on Lighten your footprint Federation Square's annual event of significant proportions. Over40,000 visitors. Wide range of exhibitions, talks, music, interactives and a good vibe that we really can do it all better. Select highlights: talks by Prof. Ian Lowe president of the Australian Conservation Foundation on some serious water issues ... David Holmgrens talk on Permaculture Solutions for the Energy Descent World ... Active conservation with new walking tours of the Tarkine in Tassie and a byronchild manifesto on bringing up our kids in a more supportive environment. Music and good food = great event : www.slf.org.au/festival
National Design Centre : New Materials Gallery Online + submission request
In 2006, the National Design Centre launched a reference point, the New Materials Gallery. Installed at the Centre at Federation Square, featuring the most recent developments in finishes, materials and technology. The New Materials Gallery Online is now operational and will support the new resource at the NDC. See the Echopanel by Woven Image, a recyclable 100% PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) Australian made panel product. Further information regarding submitting new materials and products for the New Materials Gallery : www.nationaldesigncentre.com
____________ .
italy montage 3  So you want to see the real world, real cheap. Heard of WWOOF? The organisation was created to encourage interest and understanding for organic and biodynamic ways of living. WWOOF makes it possible for low cost travel all over the world and, at the same time, to help where it is wanted and needed. So start here if you want to see the real Italy ... or just scroll down for more : www.wwoof.it/gb/about.html WWOOF Worldwide The full list of options so you can go just about anywhere, make yourself useful and gain insights into a country not readily possible by other means : www.wwoof.org/home.asp

world environment day graphic  WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAYs :: Algiers hosts World Environment Day 2006 main international celebrations. The theme for WED 2006 is Deserts and Desertification "Don't Desert Drylands!" Emphasising the importance of protecting drylands, which cover more than 40% of the planet's surface. This ecosystem is home to one-third of the world's people who are more vulnerable members of society. WED 2006 www.unep.org/wed/2006 :: WED 2007www.unep.org/wed/2007/english/ San Francisco hosted WED 2005 included Mayors from around the world making pledges towards Urban Sustainability. www.unep.org/wed/2005/english/index-flash.asp
Get involved, help us to complete the 'SRD' & 'EDF' Libraries! We have been compiling information on sustainable lifestyles since the early 1990s. The SRD are looking for tech-minded volunteers to assist in the compilation of this library at the The Bower Centre. This involves (digitally and manually) cataloguing publications from the SRD and ex-Eco Design Foundation libraries. Opportunity to work with us while having access to one of the most extensive libraries on Ecological and Social Responsibility issues in NSW - from governance and philosophy through to grass-roots activism and construction methods - this is a brilliant resource that deserves your input. Computer skills are essential. The main office of SRD is within The Bower, Marrickville. CONTACT : Anita Marosszeky, SRD Past Secretary Mobile: 0404 399 867 or anita.e.marosszeky@student.uts.edu.au
The NATURAL ADVANTAGE OF NATIONS - Book and training initiatives is a 2005 BANKSIA AWARD WINNER in Category 11: Environmental Leadership Education and Training. The Natural Edge Project, driven by a small group of young Australian engineers and scientists recently released book is an internationally supported and comprehensive publication to assist whole nations in moving towards sustainability. Based on this publication, a number of unique educational programs have been developed to assist engineers, business people and policy makers in delivering truly sustainable solutions for Australia and beyond. The book is collaborative work that even lists our immediate past SRD convenor in its list of individuals that offered "invaluable advice, peer review and assistance." see www.banksiafdn.com/index.php?page=212
ECOSPECIFIER, 2005 Banksia Award Finalist, features another SRD connection! Also in Category 11, the Ecospecifier is an on-line database of eco and health-preferable building materials and technologies available in Australia. www.banksiafdn.com/index.php?page=209 The SRD had significant input with the design and creation of it's original form in 1999 in collaboration with RMIT. www.ecospecifier.org/
STOREWARS "May the Farm be with you." Coming to a supermarket near you ... www.storewars.org/
but wasn't that Episode 4? Could this be the original or just another plot ... www.themeatrix.com/
If you don't have the flash player you can go here: www.macromedia.com/downloads/flash_player
THE REAP GUIDE, a Free online resource on eco paper and green print ideas
A first for Australasia, launched at an AGDA event on Design Effectiveness / Triple Bottom Line at the Australian Museum www.agda.com.au/eventsnews/nsw/news/2005/Triple.html : The REAP guide was created for Designers, specifiers and all paper users down under in an effort to reduce ever increasing pressure on the world's forest resources by promoting paper with higher Post Consumer Waste (PCW). Combining recommendations from the paper industry with input by professionals and supporting organisations. Featured in April 2005 DESKTOP magazine Issue 204, p10 and June 2005 DESIGN GRAPHICS magazine Issue 117, p22-23. The REAP guide is a developing resource to help you "see the paper for the trees" : www.srd.org.au/reap.htm
SRD eNews"Archive files" v2n5 : The Natural Edge Project (TNEP) initiative 'Natural Advantage of Nations' launched by L Hunter Lovins
TNEP has developed an informative and practical 400+ page publication and online companion database, both highlighting current pioneers and future directions for sustainability in the Australasian region. The work examines key sustainability issues and ways forward from a business/innovation/governance perspective. The publication's central functions (1) to present a well grounded and peer reviewed blueprint for a Nation to move towards a sustainable economy (2) to inspire and show how business, government and civil society can take integrated approaches to make genuine progress and (3) to enable education and capacity building of students, practitioners, public servants, managers, and professionals in order to help them make substantial progress toward sustainability. : Published by Earthscan/James & James : www.naturaledgeproject.net/NAON.aspx
What is GEN?
The Global Ecovillage Network is a worldwide association of communities and individuals working to create a sustainable planetary culture. It does this by promoting networking and exchange activities within the ecovillage movement; and communicating the ecovillage experience to mainstream policy-makers, planners and professionals. GEN places a high priority on publicising the activities of its members in the fields of eco-building, waste management, organic agriculture, energy generation, community-level governance, sustainable transport, community currencies and local economic development. GEN members include large networks like Sarvodaya (11,000 sustainable villages in Sri Lanka); EcoYoff and Cliffier (350 villages in Senegal); ecotowns like Auroville in South India and Nimbi in Australia; educational centres such as Find-horn in Scotland, the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales, Earthlands in Massachusetts; permaculture design sites such as Crystal Waters in Australia, Cochabamba in Bolivia and Barus in Brazil; small rural ecovillages like Gaia Association in Argentina and Huehuecoyotl in Mexico; and urban rejuvenation projects like Los Angeles EcoVillage. More info: Ecological Solutions & Global Ecovillage Network (Oceania/Asia) Crystal Waters, Conondale Qld 4552, Australia. Ph: +61 7 5494 4741 Email: info@ecologicalsolutions.com.au : www.ecologicalsolutions.com.au

world environment day graphic  The Bower - More products yet less waste :: Highlighting object reuse with a range of unique products. Coordinators Lucy Lindskog and Warren McLaren welcome functional items and discarded components. See some great examples of ingenuity where the items new uses can be quite different to their original purpose. From coffee tables built from bicycles to fruit bowls crafted out of old vinyl LPs. Demonstrating how materials can continue having a long useful life by just adding a little lateral thinking. More than just clever, there's a treasure trove of bargain priced originals perfect for your own nest at: The Bower Reuse and Repair Centre Cooperative Ltd : Hut 34/142 Addison Road Marrickville NSW 2204 : Ph : 02 9568 6280 : www.bower.org.au
Organic Holidays are here!
Choose from around world though it has a European focus. Accommodation on organic farms and organic small-holdings (includes self-catering and catered) b&b's, guest houses and small hotels, where organic produce is used according to availability. List includes 40+ NZ and 17 places in Australia : www.organicholidays.co.uk
SRD eNews"Archive files" v2n4 : Photovoltaic Rebate Program Update
The Photovoltaic Rebate Program (PVRP) will be extended to June 2012. Cash rebates are available to householders, owners of community use buildings, display home builders and housing estate developers who install grid-connected or stand-alone photovoltaic systems (conditions apply).: http://www.climatehotmap.org/global-warming-solutions/
some European alternative energy options are relevant too...
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SRD eNews 'Archive files' v2n3 : Greensmart Builders
The 'Greensmart' builders was developed by the Housing Industry Association (HIA) to disseminate skills for design, building and selling of more environmentally friendly mainstream houses : : http://hia.com.au/hia/content/Builder/classification/Greensmart/article
SRD eNews"Archive files" v2n2 : Rainwater Tank Rebates
Sydney Water, NSW has announced a range of rebates for Rainwater tanks for people in the Greater Sydney region from A$150-$1,500. To qualify for the rebate, the rainwater tank must be a new tank with a capacity of 2,000 litres or more and paid for and installed between 1 July 2007 and 30 June 2009. The rebate is based on the size of the tank and whether the rainwater is 'plumbed' into your toilet or washing machine. Current program ends 30 June 2009. For further information visit: www.sydneywater.com.au/SavingWater/InYourGarden/RainwaterTanks/Rebates.cfm
. .
Energy and Water Solutions Pty Ltd
Energy and Water Solutions (EWS) was established in 1996. Their objective is to help prevent damage to our environment by assisting business and homeowners to develop practical ways of saving energy, water and reducing waste. They stock a large range of products including plant based paints, solar products, waste and cleaning. Energy and Water Solutions also offer a complete retrofitting service for businesses and home owners in the Sydney Metropolitan area. After identifying areas of potential savings they can install or arrange for installation of energy and water saving devices. They have an extensive range of guaranteed and proven products. pH:02 9519 0433 or www.energyandwatersolutions.com.au *Special Offer* for all SRD members 10% off all water saving products and BIO Natural Paint and Varnish Products.

:: SRD Sustainable Events :: 2006 Archive ::

environdesign pic
Project Manager: Madeline Promotions/Media: Frank
Curation: Wendy Workshops & Forum: Caz
3 - 14, extended to 21 March :: CHANGEX 2006 student green design ideas + events
Hosted by the SRD, CHANGEX is an annual exhibition of student art + design works that address issues of sustainability, environmental responsibility, social equity and community. Now in its third year, the exhibition will be complemented by an expanded series of events of interest to young designers, professionals, and community members alike. Works showcased in the exhibition have been drawn from a wide range of design fields including industrial design, architecture and interiors, landscape, textiles, graphics, installation and multimedia. Recent graduates and current students from the University of Sydney, UTS, UNSW, COFA and UWS. These diverse projects approach design as a tool for satisfying genuine human needs in ways that are both practical and imaginative, challenging the conventional expectations of the design industry and extending the boundaries of their discipline. Pine St Gallery, 64 Pine St Chippendale, Sydney Australia. Details: www.changex.org

Print for Environment pic 5 June 06:: PRINT for ENVIRONMENT (less impact = more) :: The new printing Triple Bottom Line = Expand your awareness to see how we really can we obtain better print results, while saving a dollar and saving a tree! World Environment Day was the perfect time to find out all the latest in commercial "green" print, ISO standards, paper and production processes. With such a range of claims and alternatives in the marketplace, this seminar defined the direction for 'best green practice' then assisted and promoted those working towards it. A mini expo, showcasing examples of Five of Sydney printers who are well advanced in their "greener way", was held following the seminar.
Speakers :: Mr Petar Johnson, Chairman of Good Environmental Choice Australia will provide insights on ISO production standards; Mr David Fuller, MD of Focus Press, a quality medium sized Sydney offset printer using CTP, vege based inks and low VOC print methods and Mr Gerald Viergever, well experienced as both a waterless print owner and past President of the Waterless Printing Association will provide good insight on the issues and direction. An added feature for the PRINT for ENVIRONMENT event, will be the "Greener Print Procurement guide" which the SRD, AGDA and the Good Environmental Choice label are developing together. It's final form will be a printed summary with greater detail online and include feedback from across the print industry. This event held in conjunction with the Australian Graphic Design Association AGDA website. Venue : Australian Museum, William St, Sydney : 5.45 for 6pm : 5 June 2006 : AGDA and SRD members $25, Non-members $40 : Student members $10, Student Non-members $20. Book and prepay early! notes:: several articles in May 2006 Pro print magazine feature our speakers and the seminar :: World Environment Day

Print for Environment pic
The SRD and ChangeX 06 displayed in two adjoining stands. :: www.ecoshow.com.au/
9-11 June :: inaugural National Greenbuild & Eco Show Exhibition & Conference 2006 :: 3 trade and consumer event of leading brands and services relating to Green building , renewable energy systems , sustainable living and permaculture. The Show will also focus on national environmental and conservation initiatives and celebrate World Environment and World Ocean Day. Greenbuilding : Renewable Energy : Sustainable Living : Permaculture : Conservation and the Environment :: Rosehill Gardens Exhibition Centre : James Ruse Drive, Sydney, Australia

4/ AGM Convenors report summary (with FULL report link) : A year of change and progress on several fronts. From a world perspective, 2006 may be remembered as the time the whole world decided to take notice of global environmental issues. Through the year we held another very successful ChangeX exhibition of student initiatives and ideas for sustainability, organised and presented the " Print for Environment seminar in conjunction with AGDA and also had one of the larger stands at the Greenbuild and Ecoshow in June. A list of our new officeholders appears below in recent highlights.We also ensured we participated in numerous green events ... See FULL report

Past developments ...
4 Dec 2006:: SRD AGM - At The Bower, Marrickville, Sydney Another year of progress and a "re-polished and recycled" team to further our goals for 2007. ::
Convenor : Greg Campbell :: Deputy Convenor 1 : Cheryl Campbell :: Deputy Convenor 2 : Warren McLaren :: Secretary : Wendy Morrison :: Treasurer : GC is temporary treasurer :: Active Members ChangeX : Greg, Wendy, Anita and Michael. :: Committee members : Abby Mellick Lopes : Anita Marosszeky : Greta Werner : Michael Cameron :: Auditor : Neil Colquhoun : Colquhouns Chartered Accountants. Many thanks to all our past office holders for their much appreciated and valuable contributions. Keep in mind our committee will need new members at the next AGM. It's a challenge, very rewarding and a chance to learn more and contribute as well. Your input and action will be appreciated.
30 Nov 2005:: SRD AGM - At The Bower, Marrickville, Sydney A new team to refine our goals in 2006 ::
Convenor : Greg Campbell :: Immediate Past Convenor : Dr Cameron Tonkinwise :: Deputy Convenor 1 : Warren McLaren :: Deputy Convenor 2 : Tara Andrews :: Secretary : Maddy Streicek :: Treasurer : Greta Werner :: Active Member ChangeX : Hugo Moline :: Active Member Talks : Wolfgang Sprantz :: Committee members : Linda Fienberg : Abby Mellick Lopes : Anita Marosszeky : Dianne Moy : Paul Wade :: Appointed Auditor : Neil Colquhoun : Colquhouns Chartered Accountants. Thanks to our past office holders for their much appreciated and valuable contributions.
22 Oct - 6 Nov : "ROOM FOR REFUGE" 3 exhibitions to celebrate Refugee Week 2005 actions/interventions/ & responses. 'DESIGNING REFUGE' and 'OUT OF PLACE' In October '05 Featuring Cultural Dance Entertainment and music. The exhibition focusing on the plight of our refugees.
18-20 Aug 05 : AUSTRALIAN GRAPHIC DESIGN ASSOCIATION (AGDA) NATIONAL CONFERENCE 2005. With a theme of Design Effectiveness while exploring the concept of Responsible Design and many other Design attributes. It delivered two days of inspiration, perspiration and information at the Sheraton Noosa Resort, Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia : Email conference05@agda.com.au : www.agda.com.au/index.html Great work from Balarinji , Parallax, Design by Nature, Emery Frost and many others.
17-22 March : CHANGEX 2005 - Design Exhibition. Cross-campus graduate works with a focus on sustainability and social issues :: Changex '05 website
7 Feb 05 : Design Effectiveness / Triple Bottom Line + REAP launch. Australian Museum, Sydney. AGDA / SRD seminar. See "the REAP guide" page.
Launch and seminar summary at: www.agda.com.au/eventsnews/nsw/news/2005/Triple.html
2004 Special Highlights ...

23-25 April : ChangeX 2004, First in the series of Design Exhibiting cross-campus graduate works with a focus on sustainability issues, Sydney

callicoma tour montage3 :: :: SRD TOUR :: :: 12-13 Oct 2002 CALLICOMA HILL TOUR ::
Thanks to the organisers and participants for a most enjoyable weekend. --
Info and bookings contact: Martin Fallding Callicoma Hill pH 02 6571 1208 email: info@calli.com.au web: www.calli.com.au
:: :: SRD AGM 2002 :: :: 18/9/02 :: Toxteth Hotel, Glebe :: Summary of our latest achievements and plans for 2003. New Committee elected. Guest Speaker: Warren McLaren on Environs Magazine, featuring a new selection of better building materials.

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