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Our logo like our organisation has evolved through a process of redesign. Early graphics were created by several well known Australian designers. An early logo was designed by Liisa Naar of Studio Naar, Our first SRD concept poster by artist / illustrator Adrian Lockhart. Warren McLaren of inov8 contibuted to many graphic and database developments. The 1999 brochure created by Earth Design in Melbourne. The current 2000 logo concept, 2002 and 2006 brochure for the New SRD by Greg Campbell / DesignOz.
What is a concept capable of symbolising the environmental future and design excellence? Perhaps natures finest solution for creation in the form of our blue planet.
The SRD logo depicts our blue planet as the incredible design envelope of Nature, the egg. Not only is it precious and fragile but it also contains the hope and life of the future.
Graphically, forms of countries are only suggested as the SRD recognises that whilst we have an Australian focus there can only be one "world solution" and, all who agree with our aims are encouraged to participate. The tilted angle represents both the tilt of the earth's axis and also a state of dynamic balance/imbalance. This precarious angle asks the viewer if the "earth egg" is about to topple over or if we are possibly able to right the situation by positive and considered action. The curved S line represents several duality concepts of society/industry, creator/consumer, yin/yang as well as the fusion of several design organisations with an environmental focus. The predominant colours of Blue and Yellow also follow this model. The blue of our planet and the yellow of the sun combining together will produce green! The main font is Trajan, from early Roman letterforms carved in stone, truly of timeless design.

SRD logo + organisational graphic


The 2002 brochure (not shown) features a graphic concept combining nature represented as concentric circles from a ripple in water and industry working with nature to produce new forms based upon it. Several other elements continue this theme and actual production utilised the latest technology including waterless printing, vegetable oil based inks and recycled paper with high Post consumer waste content. Our next brochure to illustrate our metamorphosed organisation is to be designed by ... (!! tba)

Closing comment.
We hope the time of ignorance and arrogance is past. We can no longer deny the critical phase of our dwindling natural resources and the disasterous toxic effects of past atrocities of industrialisation and over population. To continue in this fashion is to deny our inherent and substantive human ability for innovation. Work with us to advance towards a truly inspiring and sustainable future.

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