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World Paper usage continues to rise increasing pressure on valuable forest resources even though standards are improving across the paper industry worldwide. Additionally, many products are available that appear to have good green credentials. To increase transparency and help track through the maze of marketing claims, The REAP guide v2.0+ continues to lead + evolve. Explore it's content and visit again. Details online here may be a bit complex yet aim to clarify variants. In any review, the concept and process remains the same though data may age.

Updates to this page are available. SRD Members or interested parties may contact REAP directly for current information via: designoz [at] * REAP Updates available.

To confirm any environmental benefits for all paper, always first check post and pre-consumer content, then FSC certification, manufacture processes, finish, awards and source. .
We can greatly reduce our carbon and environmental footprint by better understanding the processes and all environmental costs of all products we use. In paper, by maintaining the demand for greater Post Consumer content ( P C ) and/ or alternative fibre in our paper, we can all assist to ease the pressure on our natural resources and reduce the consequences. We will benefit from the multiple flow-on effects of reducing the demand for virgin pulp, increasing demand for more and better recycled paper while reducing the associated pollution that creates carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2-e) emissions from production and transport.
The Paper industry is keen to show they are improving many processes and it's only through a combined effort from industry, designers, specifiers and consumer demand that will ensure best practice is ultimately achieved. (paper usage figures from world paper forecasts) We know there are many opinions out there, so do your own research, thinking and become a greener designer as well ... see also the new Greener Print Procurement guide
The REAP Guide - Recommended Environmentally Accountable Paper (for Australia + New Zealand) proudly the first substantive greener paper guide for Australasia, online since 2004 :: public Launch 7 Feb 05 :: v2.0.73 update 23nov10 (notes + update 02may16) : Our eleventh year of free independent information, further major updates are in progress ...
These stocks have been recommended by the Suppliers as their most environmentally positive in each category of paper. Compare specifications as they vary widely.
Listed order shows environmental and carbon footprint assessment, the higher position, the smaller the footprint, in each section. This is our own best estimate from information supplied and for usage in Australasia. NB. A ~ denotes details are unclear or to be confirmed and figures to be updated : As specifications can change, please confirm all data with your supplier. If a paper has minimal PC or alternate fibre content, ask WHY and request more be included, 30% should be considered an absolute minimum. Be very wary of oversimplification in marketing. Always properly check the label and ingredients as just one diversion is to make much of one good or several claims of little relevance. Another, to claim green mileage by association ie having a large range with a similar name, yet only one item in the group has any recycled content ... caveat emptor : buyer beware. KEY :: PC + PRE = Total Recycled content :: [#] no. of weights :: A1-A2 coated grade :: PC Post-Consumer fibre :: PRE Pre-Consumer fibre :: Cotton linter fibre :: FSC Forest Stewardship Council (look for a papers % FSC recycled content) :: Brightness/Whiteness :: Bleaching : PCF Process Chlorine Free : TCF Totally Chlorine Free : ECF Elemental Chlorine Free :: ISO International Standards Organisation :: Find SUPPLIERS Key below ...
UNCOATED PAPER : recycled PC % / PRE% fibre Alternate% Virgin fibre% Bright/Whtn Bleach C02 Neutral? Made(Mill) Mill ISO/Awards + Extras SUPPLIERS
Revive Laser 80-135gsm[5] 100%pc/ pre 0% 0% 0% Whtn. 120 PCF Certified NCOS Australia(Shoalhaven)14001/ FSCmill+42%renEnergy Supplier Da
RePrint 100% Recyc.Offset 80-157[4] 90+%pc / pre 10% 0% 0-10% varies ISO Bright. 72 PCF ~ Japan(NichinanOji)14001/EcoMark,FSCmill+51%renEnergy Supplier F
Impact 80-350gsm[10]+env. 100 %pc / pre 0 % 0% 0% Whtn. high tba PCF Mill Manuf+trans EU Austria(Lenzing) 14001/ FSC cert. mill+86%renEnergy Supplier kwD
ecoStar 80-350gsm[9] 100 %pc / pre 0 % 0% 0% Whtn. high tba PCF Mill Manufacture France(Besse-sur-Braye) 14001/ inc.~ FSC cert. Recycled Supplier R
Cyclus offset 80-300gsm [5] 100~%pc / pre 0~% 0% 0% Whtn. 93-95 PCF ~ Denmark(Dalum)14001/ Swan,EMAS,BlueAngel Supplier C
Resa Offset Recyc. 75-350gsm[10] 100%pc / pre 0% 0% 0% Whtn. tba PCF ~ Denmark(Dalum)14001/ Swan,EMAS,BlueAngel Supplier C
Envirocare 70-250gsm [8] +env. 65%pc / pre35~% 0% 0~% Whtn. 94 PCF / ECF ~ EU Austria(Lenzing)14001/ special fibre+no optical brighteners Supplier kwD
Tudor RP 100% Recyc. 80-210gsm[5] 40%pc/ pre 60% 0% 0% Whtn. 122 PCF ~ Australia(Shoalhaven)14001/ FSC cert., Landcare Supplier S
Plantation 80-230gsm[4] 20%pc/ pre 80% tbc 0% 0% Whtn. tba PCF ~ Australia(Shoalhaven)14001/ Supplier R
UNCOATED : part recycled PC % / PRE% fibre Alternate% Virgin fibre% Bright/Whtn Bleach CO2 Neutral? Made(Mill) Mill ISO / Awards + Extras SUPPLIERS
Revive Laser Cover 300gsm[1] 70%pc/ pre0% 0% 30% virgin Whtn. 120 PCF / ECF Certified NCOS Australia(Shoalhaven)14001/ FSCmill+42%renEnergy Supplier Da
ENVI 50 / 50 80-300gsm[8] 35%pc/ pre 15% tbc 0% 50% virgin Whtn. tba ECF Mill Manufacture Australia(Burnie)14001/ +42%renEnergy Supplier Da
Tudor RP 70% Recyc. 300gsm[1] 42%pc/ pre 28% 0% 30% inc.plantn. Whtn. 122 PCF / ECF ~ Australia(Shoalhaven)14001/ FSC cert. Mixed Sources Supplier S
Harvest Matt 90-230gsm[6] 0 %pc / pre 0 % 60%bagasse 40% virgin ISO Bright. 94 ECF ~ S.Africa(Stanger) ISO 14001/ FSC cert. Mixed Sources Supplier R

COATED PAPER PC % / PRE% fibre Alternate% Virgin fibre% Bleach Made(Mill) Mill ISO/Awards + Extras SUPPLIERS
ReArt 100% Recyc.Gloss 80-260[7] A2 90+%pc / pre 10% 0% 0-10% varies PCF / ECF Japan(Kasugai/FujiOji)14001/EcoMark,FSCmill+51%renEnergy Supplier F
Ecostar gloss+silk 130-350[7] A2 100~%pc / pre ~0% 0% ~0% PCF France(Besse-sur-Braye) 14001/ inc.~ FSC cert. Recycled Supplier R
Cyclus print 115-350gsm [4] A2 100~%pc / pre 0~% 0% 0% PCF Denmark(Dalum)14001/ Swan,EMAS,BlueAngel Supplier C
9 Lives 80 silk 115-350gsm[6] A2 80 %pc / pre 0 % 0% 20% virgin TCF Italy(Burgo-Saego) ISO 14001/ ~FSC mixed source Supplier S
Harvest gloss+silk 100-250gsm[5] A2 0 %pc / pre 0 % 60% bagasse 40% virgin ECF S.Africa(Stanger) ISO 14001/ ~FSC mixed source Supplier R
Monza Gloss 90-350gsm[11] A2 25%pc / pre 30% 0% 45% inc. plantn. ECF Italy(Burgo) ISO 14001/ Supplier S
Envi Recyc?(ex-Revive Silk) 100-170gsm [5] A2 ~35 %pc / pre ~15 % tbc 0% ~50% tbc TCF / ECF Australia(Wesleyvale)14001 / renewable energy Supplier Da
Mega recycled 115-350[8] A2+ 50%pc / pre ~0% 0% ~50% inc. FSC ECF Germany(Zanders) ISO 14001/ Supplier kwD
Contraste Silk 90-300[8] A2 3%pc / pre 0% 0% 67%+30% plantn,FSC ECF France(~) ISO 14001/ ~WWF, Forest Care Supplier F
Maxi Satin 115-350gsm[8] A2+ 0%pc / pre 0% 0% 100% virgin+plantn ECF Germany (Nordland) ISO 14001/ EMAS/~FSC,PEFC Supplier C

SPECIALTY PAPER PC % / PRE% fibre Alternate% Virgin fibre% Bleach Made(Mill) Mill ISO/Awards + Extras SUPPLIERS
Aus. Brown 115,300gsm [2] (Botany) 100%pc / pre 0% 0% 0% PCF Australia(Visy)14001/ ... brown only Supplier Ec, (R)
Revive Fleck 110-220gsm [2] +env. 100%pc / pre 0 % 0% 0% PCF Australia(Shoalhaven)14001/ FSCmill+42%renEnergy Supplier Da
Options PC 104-352gsm [5] 100%pc / pre 0 % 0% 0% PCF USA(Mohawk)14001/ GreenSeal + FSC 100% Recycled Supplier R
Environment 104-324gsm [5] 100%pc / pre 0 % 0% 0% PCF USA(Neenah)ISO 9001/ GreenSeal+FSC100%Recycled Supplier S
Neenah Columns 90-324gsm [4]+env. 100%pc / pre 0 % 0% 0% PCF USA(Neenah)ISO 9001/ GreenSeal+FSC100%Recycled Supplier S
Concept Vellum 90-257gsm[4] check, all vary 100%pc / pre 0% (for 6 in range) 0% 0% (nb 3 are 100%virgin) PCF / ECF USA(Mohawk)14001/ FSC 100% Recycled + Windpower Supplier kwD
Conqueror® Recycled 100+250gsm[2]+env. 100%pc / pre 0% 0% 0% TCF UK(man. ArjoWiggins)14001/ FSC Supplier kwD
Onyx smooth 100-170gsm [3]+env. 40 %pc / pre 60% 0% 0~% ECF Australia(Shoalhaven)14001/ FSC Supplier C
Oxford 90-270gsm[4] 30 %pc / pre 30% 10% cotton 30% inc. plantn. PCF / ECF USA(Gilbert) EMS Supplier R
Curious Particles 100+250 [2] 40%pc / pre 35% 0% 25% ECF UK(man. ArjoWiggins)14001/ Supplier F
Suits 100-300gsm [5] 14%pc / pre 56% 0% 30% PCF / ~ECF Australia(Shoalhaven)14001/ inc.~ FSC content Supplier Da
Starbright 104-270gsm[4] 20 %pc / pre 30% 0% 50% inc. plantn. ECF USA(Fox River) EMS / good water + energy Supplier S
Banksia 90-260gsm [4] 0%pc / pre 25% 25% cotton 50% ECF Australia(Shoalhaven)14001/ Supplier C
Ever 90-300gsm [4] 25~%pc / pre 10~% tbc 0% 65% TCF Australia(tbc)14001/ ~FSC Cert. Mixed Sources Supplier C

SPECIAL BOARDS for display + POS PC % / PRE% fibre Alternate% Virgin fibre% Bleach Made(Mill) Mill ISO/Awards + Extras SUPPLIERS
X-Board (Brown XBX) 10 - 16 mm [2] ~100%pc / pre 0% 0% ~0% PCF South Africa(Xanita)14001/ Ecospecifier / VOC free Supplier Da
X-Board (White XBP) 6 - 32 mm [5] ~97%pc / pre 0% 0% ~3% PCF / ECF South Africa(Xanita)14001/ Ecospecifier / VOC free Supplier Da

OFFICE COPY PAPER PC % / PRE% fibre Alternate% Virgin fibre% Bleach Made(Mill) Mill ISO/Awards + Extras SUPPLIERS
Evolve Office 80gsm + tints: A4, A3 100%pc / pre 0% 0% 0% PCF UK(New Thames)14001/ Swan,BlueAngel call C,kwD,Ec
Vision - Pure White + tints: A4, A3 ~100%pc / pre ~0 % tbc 0% 0% PCF Germany(Steinbeis)9001/Swan, BlueAngel, G'peace Supplier listings
Recycled Pure+ tints: A4, A3 80gsm 100%pc / pre 0% 0% 0% PCF Europe(tbc)14001, EMAS/ BlueAngel, WildernessSoc. FujiXerox 1800 028 962
Officeworks Recycled: A4, A3 80gsm 100%pc / pre 0% 0% 0% PCF Germany(tbc)?/ Greenpeace Germany endorsed Officeworks1300 OFFICE
OfficeMax 100% Recycled White A4 80gsm 100%pc / pre 0% 0% 0% PCF EU Austria(Neusiedler)14001/ EMAS, Swan, Supplier OfficeMax AuPost
Nautilus/Canon100 80 gsm 65%pc / pre ~35% 0% 0~% ECF EU Austria(Lenzing)14001/ uses special fibre Supplier F
Australian 80% Recycled 80gsm ~20%pc / pre ~60% 0% 20% ECF Australia (Maryvale)14001 / inc FSC Specifications
GreenWrap FujiXerox A4 80-200 A3 80gsm 60%pc / pre 0% 0% 40% PCF / ECF Australia (Shoalhaven+Maryvale)14001 Supplier FujiXerox+other
Recycled Supreme : A4, A3 80gsm 80%pc / pre 0% 0% 20% TCF / ECF Europe(tbc)?/ 14001, FujiXerox 1800 028 962
Postspeed Recycled A4 only 80-100gsm[3] 0%pc / 60% 0% 40% tbc Australia (Maryvale) / 14001 Supplier Aust Paper
Double A premium A4, A3 80gsm 0%pc / 0% 0% 100% farm plantn ECF Asia (thailand)14001/ recyc. water + fuel Officeworks 1300 OFFICE
IQ Triotec unique 80gsm 30%pc / pre 0% 0% 70% inc. plantn. ECF EU Austria(Neusiedler)14001/ inc FSC Supplier OfficeMax
OFFICE PAPER PRODUCTS PC % / PRE% fibre Alternate% Virgin fibre% Bleach Made(Mill) Mill ISO/Awards + SUPPLIERS
Envelopes+ Aus. Brown 105gsm [8] 100%pc / pre 0% 0% 0% PCF Australia(Visy)14001/ ... brown only Supplier Ec
Mailing Labels + Folders ~100%pc / pre ~0 % tbc 0% 0% ~PCF Australia(tbc)~/ watersoluble glues Supplier Avery
Many more office products made with high post-consumer content now available ~ ~ ~ ~ Ask your Suppliers

SUPPLIERS Key contact Aust. phone / NZ phone email address web address HQ Serving
C :: CPI Group Peter Cottam 1800 451 216 / 09 270 7970 Melbourne, VIC Aust, NZ

Da :: Dalton Paper

Simone Dennehy 1800 DALTON and 03 9764 7407 Melbourne, VIC VIC,NSW,QLD,SA,WA
Ec :: Ecocern Michael Perroux 02 9337 2737 Sydney, NSW NSW
Ed :: Edwards Dunlop (now CPI Paper) Promotions team (03) 9263 9800 / 0800 427 473 Melbourne, VIC 5 states +
F :: Focus Paper Stuart Le Mottee 02 9636 5720 Melbourne, VIC NSW, VIC, QLD

kwD : K.W. Doggett Fine Paper

Catherine Doggett 03 8470 2244 Melbourne, VIC VIC,NSW,QLD+
R :: Raleigh Paper Rod Williamson 02 8746 8600 Sydney, NSW NSW,VIC,QLD+
S :: Spicers Paper Rohan Dean 03 9487 8888 / 09 574 2160 Melbourne, VIC Aust, NZ, +

Articles and useful reference:
* Great website tracking global deforestation. View and respond.
* 05feb2013 article highlights the good and the bad. Confirms need for more than words... environment/2013/feb/05/paper-firm-indonesian-deforestation?
* Take time to view this beautiful yet confronting video Witness : Green Death of The Forests and note the "credits".
P R I N T . ideas
Wherever possible, select an uncoated paper as first preference : CTP (computer to plate) processes avoids film and uses less chemicals. Always ask for "No Process" plates for the same reasons : Water based varnishes are likely to be safer than petro-chemical based. Request inks with low toxicity and vege based inks that have minimal VOC's (volatile organic compounds). For short run printing some digital printers may be the better option whilst for runs over 1,000 the WATERLESS OFFSET print method has several advantages including NOT being solvent based, prints cleaner colours and superior results especially on Uncoated stocks. Japan and Europe have seen the green light with many major waterless printers. Always check print details with your graphic designer. SPREAD THE GREENER MESSAGE; Print paper name, enviro qualities by percentage content and print process specifications on each job to promote your greener choices and better practice. See and for more.
P A P E .R calculators
Comparative "life cycle" analysis of Energy Usage, Atmospheric Emissions, Solid Wastes, Waterborne Wastes, Effluent Flow and Wood consumption for five grades of paper. An amazing number cruncher that itemises major environmental savings when selecting more Post Consumer Fibre (pcf) over your current choice. Though figures are non-metric, the message is still clear that higher "pc" paper gives the greatest environmental benefit. Follow the link to the Paper Calculator created by the US Office of the Federal Environmental Executive Task Force, U.S. Postal Service, EPA, and Environmental Defense. the Paper calculator
Australian version of an Environmental Calculator for European papers at Look for and click on Gray panel "ENVIRONMENTAL CALCULATOR" under large pink panel to get the popup calculator. Source: Carbon footprint data evaluated by FactorX in accordance with the Bilan Carbone® methodology. Calculations are based on a comparison between the recycled paper used versus a virgin fibre paper according to the latest European BREF data (virgin fibre paper) available. Results are obtained according to technical information and subject to modification.(2013)
F O R E S .T certification +
The relatively recent formation of forest product certification schemes and their standards plus their financing supporters makes for some very interesting reading. FERN has been reviewing these and related areas in depth for some time and while finding issues with all schemes has put FSC well ahead of the others, noting that out of eight schemes reviewed only "the FSC national standards are all performance-based." See reports from Footprints in the Forests Review of current practice and future challenges in forest certification. :: Ecolabel Index. Data and guidance to power sound Ecolabel Choices Recent developments include FSC new global branding, "Forests For All Forever"
C A R B O .N credit issues
It is not appropriate to have a section for Carbon Neutral? without addressing some of the many concerns within this practice and would refer all interested to CarbonWatch and this PDF. 'The Carbon Neutral Myth: Indulgences for your climate sins'. An overview of offsets schemes and carbon trading :: Additionally, it should be noted that having a paper with NO recycled content and only carbon offsets is either simply not in the genuine interests of the environment or at best a practice that is highly questionable. Please reduce the environmental impact as a first priority.
R E A P . guide
This page is incomplete and encourages further comparisons. Feel free to promote this guide and it's concepts encouraging greater appreciation of natural resources beyond commercial values while also requesting more sustainable, responsibly produced products. Currently only European papers have Award ratings such as EMAS, Nordic Swan and Blue Angel. ISO14001 and more recently ISO14024 are other main global benchmarks for Environmental Standards.
Suggestions / comments to creator, Greg Campbell : designoz[at] : DesignOz © 2004-2016. Usage for study purposes is encouraged and all commercial usage must include copyright notice with credit and Disclaimer : all information supplied as suggestions only with suitability to be confirmed independently for each job, see other site disclaimers and end of SRD home page. E&OE. Further input from all leading paper suppliers is welcome. Recommended Environmentally Accountable Paper : Thx AGDA NSW and AGDA SA : v2.0.73 update 23nov10: 2.0.72 notes + misc update 02may16

More paper and printing notes, references and other data here now ... Recycle your paper so we can all buy it back again and again !
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